Mill finished and Electropolished surface

The most efficient and cost-effective surface treatment is ElectroRefinement™ (electropolishing).

Electropolishing as a surface treatment method was developed in the 1930’s. Even though electropolishing can be used on many alloys, by far the greatest use is in the treatment of stainless steel.

Quality electropolishing has far greater results than a mere polishing effect. It refines the actual surface hence the phrase ElectroRefinement™.

During the electrolytic process about 20-30 micrometer of the surface is removed through an electrolytic reaction. Macro-smoothing happens as this process attacks the peaks more than the valleys.

The amorphous deformed surface layer (formed by milling and mechanical polishing), is completely removed together with the entrapped impurities, exposing the parent metal with all its benefits such as cleanliness, corrosion resistance, smoothness etc.

The ElectroRefinement™ process preferentially removes Iron1 molecules therefore resulting in a lesser surface concentration of iron and iron-oxide and a relative higher concentration of Chrome. Upon exposure to oxygen this forms a high quality, passive chrome-oxide rich surface layer2.

ElectroRefined surfaces are free from imperfections and easy to clean and sterilise.

On an ElectroRefined surface there are few places where a particle, contaminant or micro-organism3 can attach itself.

Cost effective refinement

Benefits of Electro Refinement

Cost Effective

Complete Surface Passivation

Irregular shapes can be reached and treated

Treatment of Irregular Structures and Profiles

Reduces Surface Roughness

Environmental Performance

1 Laboratory analysis has shown that the preferential removal of iron happens at a rate of at least 7 times that of chrome and other elements
2 As determined by Electron Spectroscopy
3 Bacterial growth and biofilm formation has been determined by spectrophotometry and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

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