Conventional Surface Treatments

The main conventional surface treatments are

  1. Chemical pickling & passivation
  2. Mechanical/manual polishing

Chemical Pickling & Passivation

Pickling, also called descaling, removes the oxide scale and discolouration, ‘carbonous smut’, caused by welding. This is accomplished with the aid of a hydrofluoric acid based pickling paste.

Passivation is a phrase indicating removal of iron based contaminants with the aid of a nitric acid mix. It reduces the formation of iron-oxide.

It doesn’t result in a passive surface layer!!



!!Pickling/passivating rinse processes result in chemicals like hydrofluoric and nitric acids being washed down the sewerage system, or worse, the general drainage system!!

ElectroRefinement™ (electropolishing) uses an infinite electrolyte solution; meaning it is used continuously and the rinse water (containing diluted acids) is always recycled back into the system.

Mechanical Polishing

Mechanical or manual polishing smooths and closes the surface with the aid of polishing mops. It aids corrosion resistance by reducing surface roughness. It’s smearing effect however, creates an amorphous, deformed surface layer. Iron-oxides, polishing compounds and other materials become embedded and entrapped in the distorted structure, creating surface corrosion cells.



Conventional surface treatment relies on reduction of Roughness Average which is costly to achieve. ElectroRefinement™ (electropolishing) is a time & cost-effective and superior alternative.

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